Broadlink MP1 WIFI Powerstrip w/4 outlets 2500W 10A


Broadlink MP1 WIFI Smart Socket APP Remote Control Timer Socket Home Automation

RM Tasker *

HomeSeer Hs3 Plugin RM Tasker make it possible to monitor Broadlink A1 and RM Pro and control MP1, SP2 and SP3 units and temperature from RM2 Pro. Make these Broadlink units IFTTT compatible.


Can be automated with Broadlink appen(android/IOS)
and compatible with HomeSeer Hs3 and RMTasker plugin and  IFTTT.

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Scan the QR code in the user manual

Overload protection, safe to use

With soft light at night, easy to notice

WiFi network support, and 3G / 4G remote control

Support 16 separate timing, timing groups for different devices

MP1 power strip is smart Broadlink WiFi plug control for daily use.

With 4 individual outputs, MP1 allows you to control each outlet independently to meet your different needs.

You can easily control the Broadlink App or manually, and also support the timer function to work as your wish.

High temperature resistant, 750 degrees high temperature fire resistant material, safe to use

Set the time, the appliances will automatically turn on / off, easy to control

You can remote control your device on your phone, charging becomes so easy

Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, kitchen, etc.

Remote control of the mobile phone, connects to the internet via WiFi network and controls the power of home appliances, smart phones or other devices can control the switch from the power outlet wherever the network is available

Model: MP1

Voltage (V): 250 V

Current (mA): 10A

Maximum load: 2500 W

Charing Cable Length: 1.5M


Product weight: 460 g

Product Size (L x W x H): 25.4x6x3.2 cm / 10×2.36×1.26 inches


Scan the QR code

Overload protection

Safe to use

WiFi network support

Support 16 separate timing

4 Individual outputs

Package Included:

1 x Power Strip


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