Xiaomi Air Purifier Control and monitor software


Program to monitor and control Xiaomi Air Purifiers.
13 commands and 30 status messages available.
Based on the Mqtt protocol. For Windows, Mac and Linux.



Software for connecting Xiaomi’s air purifiers to a mqtt broker and thus most automation systems on the market today.
The software consists of two parts, one for monitoring and one for control.
With this software one can control the air purifier (s) with a command from the automation system or from a mqtt app from mobile or tablet.
It is possible to control them by section so that, for example, all the air purifiers in the bedrooms run at full throttle from 0800 in the morning to 1000 in the morning every weekday.
And it’s possible to set up alerts if it’s time to replace the filter. And you can put the device into hibernation if the air quality is ok and set it  in operation again if it gets worse.
Light, humidity and temperature sensors in addition to air quality meter provides useful data for management.
For Windows, Mac and Linux.
Requires the libraries paho-mqtt, six and python-miio are installed.
Python 3.5 or higher.
Local or public Mqtt broker eg. Mosquitto.

Data in the Iot Mqtt Panel App, ready for you to control the Air Purifier!

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10


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